1950s to 1970s

History of the 1950s to 1970s


  • 1950 – The doors of the Child Guidance Center of Mercer County opened within the Union Industrial Home building at 2 Whittlesley Rd. This is the first League project undertaken on a cooperative basis with other community agencies.

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  • 1960 – The Presidents’ Bowl Award was inaugurated to honor the Active member with the most outstanding record of service to the community, the League and her family for the year. The Award is presented in the form of a Revere bowl which serves as a trophy and is passed on from year to year.

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  • 1974 – The first Designer Showhouse took place at Barley Sheaf of Bucks County. The Designer Showhouse would become the major fundraiser held by the Junior League of Greater Princeton every other year to support two years’ of community projects.