1920s to 1940s

History of the 1920s to 1940s


  • February 1921– The Junior League of Trenton was formed by Mrs. Helen Wood Green with 25 of her friends and the Junior Leagues of Baltimore and New York as sponsors in order to create projects to meet the needs of the community.
  • April 1921 – The first fundraiser sponsored by the Junior League of Trenton was a dance held at the Trenton Country Club. The highly successful affair netted $1600, which was used to furnish the dining room of the New Jersey Children’s Home Society.
  • 1924 – First League project was a baby shelter, which was a place where small children could be temporarily housed and cared for when mothers were too ill to care for them at home. It was closed in 1934 after caring for 450 children.

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  • 1920’s & 1930’s – Entertainment programs for children produced by League members brought live theater experience and education on abuse to thousands of area school children using puppets and marionettes.

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  • 1947 – “The Bargain Box” opened in the old Boys Club building which offered good used clothing and household items at low cost. It was open for 24 years. It was the League’s major fundraiser contributing $12,000 per year for community projects.

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