Miss Margery Titus, 1941-1942

Margery Titus 1941-43

Year:  1941-1942, 1942-1943

League Name: JL of Trenton

Miss Margery Titus

Board of Directors:

Miss Margery Titus
Mrs. Joseph Hewitt
Miss Mary Massey
Mrs. Kenneth Falcman
Mrs. C.E. Lawton

Membership – 1 Sponsor, 2 Seconds, 6 Endorsers

Presidents Bowl Recipient:

 Annual Report:

Community Partners:
Boys Clubs
Arts for Youth Council

Impact Projects:
Visiting Nurse Association
Modern Dance Programs in New Hope
812 Children Dance Jamboree in Trenton Parks
Music Committee aided Trenton Piano Teachers Guild to sponsor a youth concert


Children’s Theatre – “Doodle Dandy of the USA” capacity audience in War Memorial
Rummage Sale April – $194.53 & November – $132.54
Yankee Doodle Dance – Open to the public $1 per person/$1,319.10
Christmas Dance – $4.10