Mrs. James S. Studdiford, II, 1954-1955

Mrs James S. Studdiford II 1953-55
Year of Report:
1953-1954, 1954-1955

League Name:  The Junior League of Trenton, NJ

Board of Directors:

President Mrs. James S. Studdiford, II

VP Miss Louise McNiece

Rec. Sec. Miss Marjorie J. Smith

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Gilbert L. Bagot

Treasurer Mrs. William A. Haney

Community Partners:
Mercer County Child Guidance Center
Homemaker Service
Boys’ Club
All Trenton hospitals

Impact Projects:

Gave $8,000 to the State Aid for Handicapped Children.

Donated to YWCA for neighborhood group for teenage girls.

Donated to Trent House for silver in their dining room.

Homemaker Service, Child Guidance Center, Pediatric departments at several hospitals, and created children’s theater

Showhouse: N/A


131 Actives

14 Provisionals

76 Sustainers

28 Non-residents


Bargain Box made $3000

Follies $7686.05

Dinner Dance $58.13

Christmas Dance $806.11

Fashion Show $661.12