Mrs. William H. Fulper, 1950-1951

Mrs William H Fulper 1949-51
Year of Report:
1949-1950, 1950-1951

League Name:  The Junior League of Trenton, NJ Incorporated

Board of Directors:

President Mrs. William H. Fulper

VP Mrs. Walter H. Swaze

Rec. Sec. Mrs. J. Doran Williams

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Kurt E. Traub

Treasurer Mrs. H. Russell Brown

Community Partners:
Boys’ Club
Civil Defense Program
Family Service


Impact Projects:

League gave $4600.00 to Family Service Association for initiation of Homemaker service.

Recruited 18 doctors to donate time to the Boys’ Club Health Clinic (475 boys given exams).

Gave camp scholarships for Camp Delaware, Girls Scout Camp ad Campfire Girls.

Gave eighty presents to the Boys’ Club

Gave $3500.00 to Mercer County Child Guidance Center.

Showhouse: N/A


125 Actives

16 Provisionals

64 Sustainers

25 Non-residents

Fundraisers: Made money on Christmas Dance. Bargain Box made $1000.00 and net profit from Follies was $4691.74.