Mrs. William R. Dolton, 1936-1937


Year:  1936-1937, 1937-1938

League Name:   Junior League of Trenton


President:  Mrs. William R. Dolton (Mary B.)
Vice President:   Mrs. D. Lane Powers
Corresponding Secretary – Mrs. Edgar Back
Recording Secretary – Miss Gail E. Sampson
Treasurer – Miss Sarah M. Tattersall

Community Partners:

Social Service Exchange in Trenton
Red Cross/Mercer Hospital
NJ Children’s Home Society
Trenton Community Chest
Trenton Day Nursery
Princeton YWCA

Impact Projects:

Children’s Theatre (classes, shows, plays, etc.)
Purchased office equipment for the Social Service Exchange in Trenton. Opening a social service exchange in Trenton was recommended by AJLA as a way to prevent duplication of assistance to needy cases by more than one charitable organization.
Assisted with Community Chest Drive
Filled stocking for NJ Children’s Home Society


Christmas Dance
Children’s Theatre