Mrs. William S. Mills, 1965-1966

Year: 1965-1966, 1966-1967

League Name:  The Junior League of Trenton, NJ Incorporated

Board of Directors:

President – Mrs. William Mills
First Vice President – Mrs. James K. Kuser
Second Vice President – Mrs. James G. Crowley
Recording Secretary – Mrs. Harry H. Williams, Jr.
Corresponding Secretary – Mrs. John S. Rhoads
Treasurer – Mr.s Timothy Tobin
Placement Chairman – Mrs. Lee A. Wiley

Actives: 129
Sustainers: 124

Community Partners:

Impact Projects:
Theme of “Through the Looking Glass”; Sleeping Beauty production, puppet show “The Three Little Pigs”, Art Slides for Cultural Center; Child Guidance Center (provisionals decorated and furnished two rooms)

Christmas Dances (one for married couples, one for college-age members), Bargain Box

Presidents’ Bowl Recipient:
Mrs. James Crowley