Membership Requirements

Eligibility & Admission for Membership

The Junior League of Greater Princeton welcomes all women over the age of 21 who demonstrate a commitment to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities, regardless of race, religion, or national origin.  There is no sponsorship requirement to join the JLGP.  All women who meet these criteria are warmly welcomed.

Membership in the JLGP provides women with the training and education to assist members in gaining the knowledge, skills and expertise to be effective volunteers and community leaders.  JLGP members often have the opportunity to broaden their current skill set in a supportive environment by getting involved in the organization in areas which they have little experience but possess the desire to learn more.  JLGP members have access to numerous training and educational opportunities including leadership, community service, communication and fundraising.

Membership in the JLGP does involve time and commitment. If you are willing to learn, grow, and share your expertise working with others, JLGP membership is for YOU!  Membership in the JLGP offers a unique and life-long volunteer experience.

Membership Status

The New Member Year
Women who join the JLGP spend their first year as new members engaged in training to become active members.  The new member course runs October through May, and kicks off with an informative and fun day of training called “Super Saturday”. After the training modules are complete, the new member class will meet about once a month to plan, organize and carryout a project. There are also General Membership Meetings (GMM’s), which all new members are invited to attend. New members are also expected to participate in any fundraising activities along with the active members. New members are non-voting members and are not eligible to hold office.

Active Membership Status
Once you have completed the requirements for membership, you will approved Board to become an active member. Active members have the opportunity to serve on a wide range of League committees.  Active members are voting members and are eligible to vote and hold office.