Mrs. Thomas F. Nolan III, 1957-1958

Mrs Thomas F. Nolan III 1957-59
Year of Report:

League Name:  The Junior League of Trenton, NJ

Board of Directors:

President Mrs. Thomas F. Nolan III

VP Mrs. Daniel L Haggerty, Jr.

Rec. Sec. Miss Theresa Goeke

Cor. Sec. Mrs. Harry H. Williams, Jr.

Treasurer Mrs. Richard Ehret

Community Partners:
Boys’ Club, YWCA
St. Francis Nursing School
Speech Center of NJ

Impact Projects:

Camp Scholarships

Boys’ Club

YWCA Children’s Programs

St. Francis Nursing School

Co-sponsored a speech center with the Dept. of Chronic Illness of the State of NJ with a Children’s Theater

Showhouse: N/A


134 Actives

20 Provisionals

82 Sustainers

25 Non-residents


Bargain Box made $4000

Christmas Dance $1081.00