State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC)


The State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) is a statewide, non-partisan committee with members from each of the eight New Jersey Junior Leagues including, Bergen County, Elizabeth-Plainfield, Monmouth, Montclair-Newark, Morristown, Oranges-Short Hills, Greater Princeton and Summit who join together to take action on select state and national public issues.  Activities include advocacy, education of member Leagues, coalition and consensus building, working with legislators on both a state and national level, lobbying, and testifying before commissions and committees.

SPAC members after speaking about human trafficking at a Membership Meeting


For over 40 years, SPAC has worked toward the enactment of legislation and initiatives which would improve the quality of life for women and children; improve the quality of education; and improve the environment.  Delegates convene regularly to discuss and research issues relevant to their task force’s scope before taking a position.  SPAC members travel to meet key legislators at the State Capitol in Trenton and Capitol Hill in Washington, DC to educate them on how to become better advocates.

Every delegate on a task force is assigned to certain bills in their interest area which must be researched on both sides of the issues so she can present supporting and opposing views to the committee for position votes. A delegate may be required to testify before commissions and legislative committees in Trenton and elsewhere throughout the state. Delegates regularly contact and meet with local legislators throughout the state who may support or oppose legislation on which SPAC takes a position or is studying.

SPAC works continuously on many issues.  Some of our most recent priorities include, but are not limited to: human trafficking, chronic absenteeism, the opioid crisis, childhood nutrition and fitness, foster care, and violence against women.

Click here to read about recognition the SPAC of the Junior Leagues of New Jersey received by the State of New Jersey for 42 years of advocating on behalf of women and children.

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