Past Projects

A Legacy of Success – Past Community Projects

In 1951, established the Mercer County Child Guidance Center, the county’s first clinical resource for children with emotional disturbances

In 1955, established and staffed the Speech and Hearing Center at St. Francis Hospital

In 1979, created Vantage Point, the first temporary shelter for female teenage run-aways in Bucks County

In 1985, established a senior food coop to provide area elderly and disabled with access to low cost food

In 2000, developed a computer resource center and mentoring program at Union Industrial Home, the oldest child welfare agency in New Jersey

In 2001, initiated a college scholarship award for graduating senior girls demonstrating excellence in volunteerism.

In 2005, the Junior League of Greater Princeton (“JLGP”) originated and launched a multi-year, program called ROCKETS: Raising Our Children’s Knowledge by Educating Through Science.  Click here to read more about ROCKETS background and history.

The Junior League has collaborated with Homefront Family Preservation Center, The Millhill Child Development Center, the YWCA Valley Road Preschool, the Community Action Service Center, Literacy Volunteers of America, and Crisis Ministry to improve the lives of women and children in our community.

In 2007, the JLGP executed its first Teacher Launch Seminar, a hands-on science workshop geared toward elementary and early childhood teachers.

In 2011, the JLGP celebrated its 90th anniversary.  To help celebrate the milestone, the League participated in special 90th anniversary community projects in addition to our ongoing programs.