Past Designer Showhouse & Gardens

2014_showhouse_22014 Holiday House, 159 Library Place, Princeton, NJ
Kathryn Herspiegel, Mara Pugliese, and Judy Springer, Tri-Chairs

2012 Showhouse2012: Priory Court, 124 Edgerstoune Road, Princeton, NJ
Minda Alena and Kathryn Herspiegel, Co-Chairs

2010 Showhouse2010: Woodacres, 1438 Great Road, Skillman, NJ
Laura Hemschot and Nancy van der Wal, Co-Chairs

2008: The Ridge House, 226 Drakes Corner Road, Princeton, NJ
Anne Reilly, Fanya Stansbury, and Amie Thornton, Tri-Chairs

2006: Fifty Hodge, 50 Hodge Road, Princeton, NJ
Vivian Allen, Cathy McMann, and Anne Reilly, Tri-Chairs

2004: The Hodge House at 74 Mercer Street, 74 Mercer Street, Princeton, NJ
Jan Davis and Sarah Raterman, Co-Chairs

2002: The Hilfield House, 16o Hodge Road, Princeton, NJ
Jennifer Bredin and Georgann Sembler, Co-Chairs